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Graphic tattoos are defined by bold lines, sharp contrasts, and a focus on visual impact. This style often features elements reminiscent of graphic design, including geometric shapes, stylized imagery, and strong color contrasts. Graphic tattoos prioritize simplicity, utilizing clean lines and minimalistic compositions to create eye-catching and dynamic body art. Whether conveying abstract concepts or pop culture references, the graphic tattoo experts in our team offer a modern and visually striking form of self-expression on the canvas of your skin.


The illustrative tattoo style is defined by its emphasis on storytelling and artistic expression. With a blend of realism and black and grey combined with creative interpretation, illustrative tattoos often feature intricate details and dynamic compositions. This style allows for a wide range of subject matter, from animals and fantastical creatures to portraits, all rendered with a focus on visual narrative. Our tattoo-professionals in this sector deliver a personalized and captivating form of body art, where each piece becomes a unique visual story etched onto the canvas of the skin.


The noir and neo-noir tattoo styles capture the essence of cinematic mystery and drama on the skin. Noir tattoos draw inspiration from film noir aesthetics, employing stark contrasts, deep shadows, and high-contrast grayscale tones. This style often features elements like femme fatales, detectives, and noir-inspired symbols. Our dedicated Neo-noir tattooists incorporate modern twists, introducing vibrant pops of color amid the dark palette, creating an enigmatic and visually striking narrative that resonates with fans of classic film noir and its contemporary adaptations.



Wir bieten kostenlose, unverbindliche Beratungen - eine einzigartige Gelegenheit, deine Vision gemeinsam mit uns weiter zu entwickeln. Unser erfahrenes Experten-Team nimmt sich die nötige Zeit ein personalisiertes Design nach deinen Wünschen zu gestalten. Keine Verpflichtung, nur die Chance, dein nächstes Kunstwerk zu visualisieren. Vereinbare noch heute deine kostenlose Beratung und lass uns deine Tattoo-Träume realisieren!

Walk-ins für kleinere Tattoos sind immer willkommen, besucht uns einfach im Studio.

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