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The realistic tattoo style, also known as realism, is defined by its commitment to capturing the world with unparalleled accuracy on the skin. Using expert shading, coloring, and intricate detailing, realistic tattoos aim to replicate lifelike images, often portraying portraits, animals, or objects with a high level of precision. This style relies on the artist's skill to create three-dimensional illusions, ensuring that the tattoo appears as vivid and authentic as the subject it depicts. Our talented team of artists has years of experience in this style, and we take pride in making each tattoo truly one-of-a-kind.


In the timeless artistry of black and grey tattoos, a monochromatic approach meets sophistication and versatility. The BNG style, known for its classic appeal, is defined by a nuanced interplay of light and shadow by using shades ranging from deep blacks to subtle grays as well as white highlights. It often relies on expert shading techniques to achieve depth, contrast, and a three-dimensional effect on the skin. Elevate your personal expression and let us bring depth and sophistication to your ideas, creating a piece of art that tells a captivating and authentic story on your skin.


Our experienced artists are also seasoned in the art of portrait tattoos, a captivating style that immortalizes characters on your skin. This approach is defined by its unparalleled ability to capture the essence of individuals with striking realism, utilizing expert shading, coloring, and meticulous detail. We take pride in transforming your ideas into lifelike masterpieces, ensuring each portrait tattoo is a unique work of art. Their work will bring depth and authenticity to every stroke, creating portrait tattoos that vividly tell the story of the emotions they encapsulate.



Wir bieten kostenlose, unverbindliche Beratungen - eine einzigartige Gelegenheit, deine Vision gemeinsam mit uns weiter zu entwickeln. Unser erfahrenes Experten-Team nimmt sich die nötige Zeit ein personalisiertes Design nach deinen Wünschen zu gestalten. Keine Verpflichtung, nur die Chance, dein nächstes Kunstwerk zu visualisieren. Vereinbare noch heute deine kostenlose Beratung und lass uns deine Tattoo-Träume realisieren!

Walk-ins für kleinere Tattoos sind immer willkommen, besucht uns einfach im Studio.

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