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We're always looking for new tattoo artists to join our team, either as residents or guest artists.


In case you're looking for a professional, respectful, and fair work environment that supports your needs and growth as an artist, please reach out to us via or use our contact form below.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Please understand that due to the high amount of applications, we won't be able to respond to everyone. Thank you :)

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to get to know you better,


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We’re a team of open-minded, respectful, and professional tattoo artists and enthusiasts that believe in the symbiosis of body and art expressed through tattoo culture. With OMEN we created a tattoo studio that provides a healthy and safe environment, supports personal well-being, and professional growth as well as creative & artistic freedom.

It's of great importance to us that our artists create a welcoming safe space, and comfort zone for clients, to ensure the highest convenience possible since our team wants to make everyone's stay at OMEN an outstanding experience.

Modern, Industrial, Urban Ambient & Vibe

Popular & Trending Location in Berlin Kreuzberg

Creativity-Enhancing Environment & Support of Artists

High-Quality Studio, Furniture, Equipment & Work Supplies

Professional Management, Organisation & Service

Welcoming, Inclusive

Safe Space & Comfort Zone


Fair Revenue Share (based on Performance, Seniority & Origin of Appointment)

Possibility to Become Local Resident (Freelancer) or

(Regular) Guest Artist

Liberty of Picking Your Workdays (Monday - Sunday) & Amount of Workdays

Support of Personal Wellbeing, Artistic Freedom & Professional Growth

Promotion and Tagging of Your Social Media & Work Channels

Possibility for Walk-ins, Private and/or Provided Appointments

Designated Workstation with High-Quality Equipment & Supplies

Scheduling of Appointments in Close Communication with You

Initial Consultation & Customer Assignment of Provided Appointments

Fresh Coffee, Drinks & Healthy Snacks for Free

If Needed: Support with Moving, Apartment, German Bureaucracy, etc.

Extensive Monthly Marketing Budget for Studio- & Artist Growth

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